At The Clockwork Coffee Shoppe we use only the freshest ingredients, beans roasted days before they are brewed, and the same coffee brewing techniques that have been passed down for generations. Why? Because it makes better coffee. We use local roasters that have a pedigree for excellence. Why? Because it makes better coffee. We use syrups with natural ingredients, real fruit in our blended drinks, and pastries baked daily. Why? Well you get the point.

Here, we value time. The time it takes to make coffee the right way most of all. But your time is important to you as well, and we know that. So we got to thinking, "How do you maximize what you can do in an hour?" We thought about that for a long time until we came to the realization that the best way to maximize what you get, is to give you the maximum of what you want. You pay us for time, and in return we will give you unlimited coffee, specialty drinks, and teas, as well as a delicious fresh baked pastry. We want to give you the most for your money, and we hope to make a couple friends and loyal customers along the way. So we will make the best coffee, starting with the freshest ingredients and ending in a perfect cup, and then we will give you as much of it as you could want, because we pride ourselves in offering only the finest coffee/espresso in San Diego. So come, have a drink, have several even, and we'll be happy to share our love of coffee with you.