Breakfast Croissant

Our light, buttery, and freshly baked croissants filled with scrambled eggs and you choice of Ham, Bacon, or Spinach & Sun dried tomato.Breakfast Croissant

Extraordinary Oatmeals

Choose from: The Elvis, Tropical, Apple Pie or Plain.


Onion, Plain or everything Bagels, selection varies. Condiments of cream cheese and various fruits or jellies available

Egg, Bacon, and Avocado Panini

Fluffy Eggs, crispy Bacon, Ham and Cheddar cheese paired with fresh sliced Avocado on our Multi-grain Bread

Ciabatta Breakfast Pizza

Savory Ham, Delicious Salami, Pepperoni, Mozzarella and scrambled eggs on a crispy grilled ciabatta bread

Burrito in a Bowl

Lose the carbs!  4 scrambled eggs, seasoned Beans, grilled Onions, Ham, Mushrooms, Spinach, Monterey Jack cheese, fresh Tomatoes and cotija cheese

The Clocko  Taco

Off the chart flavor! 2 large Corn Tacos stuffed with scrambled Eggs, Bacon, sauteed Onion, Cilantro, seasoned Beans, Cotija cheese and pico de gallo (mild) salsa

Caprese Panini

An Italian favorite, fresh Basil and Tomato on top of slices  and MORE slices of Mozzarella cheese all on a Pesto infused Ciabatta bread.

Turkey Avocado

1/4 pound of Turkey on our delicious Sourdough bread w/ freshly sliced Avocado, Tomato, and fresh Spinach.

Chicken Bacon Swiss

Roasted Chicken and Swiss Cheese, Spinach and Tomato layered on the beautifully grilled 1" Sourdough

Sriracha Chicken Wrap

Carrots, Cream Cheese, Chick Peas, Tomato, Roasted Chicken, & Spinach with our Sriracha Cream sauce.on a fresh large fresh tortilla.

Turkey Avocado Wrap

Carrots, Cream Cheese, Chick Peas, Avocado, Tomato, Roasted Turkey, & Spinach with our Avocado Cream sauce.on a fresh large fresh tortilla.

Turkey Pesto

Mounds of roasted Turkey on our perfectly grilled Ciabatta bread, zesty Pesto, provolone cheese, fresh Spinach and Tomato.